Middle of Nowhere, Middle of Everywhere

Not a whole lot to say.  Mainly looking to share a glance at a great weekend in the Henry's with a wonderful group of people.

Benefits of car camping = you can bring a lot of cool stuff and sip cold beer while you play Charades.


The following morning we head out for a mellow stroll up Mt. Ellen


It was neat to look down on the Dirty Devil wilderness.  Brought back great memories of the wonderful trip that occurred in the early Spring.

We take a moment at the top to look out on all that is good.  The bulk of southern Utah unfolds to the east and west. 

What starts as a whisper will soon turn to a roar as the winds begin to pick up as we head back.

The light becomes special as huge blocky shadows float over the hilly terrain.

As the base of the hike the winds are ripping.

All back to the car in one piece, Gus shares his thoughts. 

Thanks for stoppin' by.