A Year of Rivers

2015 was a banner year in terms of sheer number of rivers run.  What was not expected was the list would include a number of gems.

From the Iconic (places I've long since given up floating because permits are near to impossible to obtain):

To the lesser known:

To the classics:

Yampa 7-2015 (47 of 274).jpg

And though each river unique, each canyon with its own character, there are congruent themes that seem to emerge.

Including big places (and small boats):

And fun whitewater:

A year of Rivers-28.jpg

We also made camp in some pretty neat spots:

A year of Rivers-16.jpg

Hung out in riverside hot-springs:

Ate some amazing food:

Partook in a shared embrace of the large molecule (some more than others):

Shared the warm glow and unhurried conversations found at the campfire:

We christened a new boat on its maiden voyage:

And we smiled.  A lot:

One the human side of things rivers seem to instill the best. 

Including team work:

Quiet contemplation:


We looked on, in awe at that skill of others:

We practiced not being so damn serious:

We took advice from those wiser than us, and worked on relearning poignant knowledge often only found in youth:

We reveled in warm glow of friendships new and old:

We were reminded what it means to be a family:

Some of us marked another trip around the sun

For the kids (minus one seemingly missing younger brother) we were able to give the gift of three new rivers to parents who first instilled in us their magic:

And we were able to look on as the sticks were passed to a new generation:

As 2016 awakens from a wintry slumber and rivers start flowing I reflect on how lucky I am to be born into a family of river runners and to have friends and family to float these wild places.  A huge thank you to all - you know who you are.  Here is looking forward to a great year.

To find a visual representation that does a much better job of imparting what I've tried to do, see the video made below: